Healthy Eating and Meal Prep Ideas For Parents

Cooking Reboot

Gain confidence in the kitchen and learn habits and skills that can easily become part of a healthy lifestyle. | taught by Barb Kemp
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Course Curriculum

Hello & Welcome
How To Use This Course
Basic Cooking Equipment You Need
What are your healthy eating and cooking goals?
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1. Eat Right & Cook More - Let's Get Started
Session One Overview
Workbook Session One
1.1 Welcome & Course Outline FREE
1.2 The Benefits to Home Cooking
1.3 How to Add Excitement to Home Cooking
1.4 Does Food Matter?
1.5 Why We Should Eat Well
1.6 Why We Don't Cook At Home and Eat Well
1.7 Food and Cooking Component: How To Chop An Onion
1.8 How to Chop Garlic
1.9 How To Make A Tomato Meat Sauce (part 1)
2.0 How To Make A Tomato Meat Sauce (part 2)
2.1 Wrap Up, Menu Planning, Challenges
5 Day Menu Planning Template
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2. I Gotta Eat More Veggies
Session Two Overview
Workbook Session Two
2.1 Real Food - The Blueprint of Good Health
2.2 Fruits and Veggies and How to Make Salad Dressing
2.3 Oils and How to Make a Greek Salad
2.4 Mindful Eating
2.5 How To Increase Your Fruits and Veggies FREE
2.6 Menu Planning
2.7 Weekly Challenges
5 Day Menu Planning Template
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3. Why Are Food Labels So Confusing?
Session Three Overview
Workbook Session Three
3.1 Exciting Fennel
3.2 Welcome, Let's Talk Grains and Fibre
3.3 How to Make Hummus
3.4 Reading Food Labels Part One FREE
3.5 Reading Food Labels Part Two
3. 6 How to Save Money on Your Grocery Bill!
3.7 Menu Planning FREE
3.8 Wrap Up! FREE
5 Day Menu Planning Template
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4. How to Menu Plan & Healthy Meal Prep Ideas
Session Four Overview
Workbook Session 4
4.1 How To Get Organized to Cook
4.2 How to Menu Plan
4.3 Meat, Dairy & Their Alternatives
4.4 Herbs and Spices
4.5 Wrap up!
4.6 Five Day Menu Planner
4.7 Seven Day Menu Planner
4.8 Shopping List
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Menu Planning Bonus
5 Day Menu Plan with Recipes!
5 Day Menu Plan
Recipe Booklet
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Course description

Discover how easy it is to become a healthy home more fresh foods, less take out and have the healthiest family possible!

So many of us would love to be organized in the kitchen and cook more often at home. Prepare meals that are truly nourishing to our families and scrap all the take-out, processed, pre-made foods that are typically fatty, sugary and salty.

But with juggling work, family, social events and everyday chores, there's little time to get organized to cook.  Plus take-out is just a phone call away.

But what if you could cook more meals at home?


What if you could get organized with healthy meal prep ideas with have someone guiding you through each step of the process?  Would you do it?

I’m Barb Kemp, a food educator and self taught home cook who's been delivering healthy eating and cooking programs for over 15 years.  What I’ve found is that parents all want the same simple things:

  • to eat healthy and cook more at home so they can improve their health and have more energy 
  • to understand better what’s in their food  
  • to gain healthy meal prep ideas 
  • to save money by dialing down on the take-out 
  • to get more organized with their meal planning 
  • and to feel inspired and motivated again in the kitchen. 

This is why I’ve created this online courseI wanted to develop a course that was enjoyable and relatable to the everyday cook. To teach healthy eating & cooking habits that are easy to implement. To give you the confidence to prepare simple, tasty meals for your family and friends and have fun in the kitchen

Gaining the knowledge and skills to create awesome meals for your family will turn you into a life-long home cook.

After the course:

  • You'll be cooking up tasty dishes that your family and friends love.
  • You and your family will be eating foods that truly nourish your bodies.
  • You will have more energy and be more productive. You will be sick less often, healthier and happier.
  • Your friends and family will enjoy the easy, delicious meals that you prepare. 
  • You will have the confidence to call yourself a home cook.
  • You'll be organized in your kitchen, meal planning and eliminate that dreaded question, "What am I going to cook for dinner tonight?"
  • You'll enjoy grocery  shopping  and  even  save money  on your grocery  bills.  Plus stop eating so much take-out.
  • You'll be a confident home cook with the kitchen being a bigger part of your home.


Is this course for me?

This course is for the everyday home cook who wants to build cooking skills, feed their families better, take control of their health and ignite excitement, confidence and organization into their daily cooking routine.  You're in the right place if you:

  • Don't have time to cook, but wish you did.
  • Have a desire to cook with more real foods and less processed foods.
  • Hate that looking question, "what am I going to cook for dinner?"
  • Are a parent and want to feed your family healthy meals but lack inspiration!
  • Are not organized, so you don't cook.
  • Never meal plan and end up throwing out food you buy.
  • Eat way too much take-out because you can't get motivated to cook.
  • Are embarrassed to call yourself a home cook but want to make the kitchen a bigger part of your home.
  • Are a new cook and could use some guidance in the kitchen.

This Course is not for professional chefs or experienced cooks who are confident in the kitchen.  Who currently prepare healthy well balanced meals for their families with ease. This course is not for those on specialized diets.

How It Works

Sign up for the 4-week course and the fun begins! 

It's expected that you complete one session each week.  We want you to savour the course and practice cooking in-between sessions. Course details are as follows:

Commitment:  35 minutes per week plus home cooking in-between sessions
4 weekly sessions
34 educational & skills-based videos
Weekly challenges
Weekly workbooks
Bi-weekly email support
Over 25 simple tasty recipes
Menu plan and shopping list template
5 day completed menu pland with recipes and shopping list
Recipe booklet
Subscription to the Recipes To The Rescue Newsletter

We'll keep you on track with bi-weekly emails (don't we all need a little reminding?). 

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee for up to 30 day from the time you buy the course.  So if you aren't entirely satisfied we'll happily refund your money. If you have any other question check out our FAQ page here.

At the end of 4 weeks you'll be well on your way to calling yourself a home cook and turning home cooking into a habit.


The program kicks off by setting you up for success. In this session you will come away convinced that food matters and become inspired to cook more at home. We'll show you how to chop onions and garlic and show you how to make a Tomato Meat Sauce Recipe. 


In the second session we'll explore food.  You'll understand the importance of eating real food and discover ways to include more fruits and veggies in your diet.  By the end of the week you will be whipping up delicious salads and whizzing up tasty smoothies.  As well, we'll look at the benefits of buying local produce and shopping at your local Farmers Market.  


In this session we ask the question “do you really know what’s in your food?”  You’ll learn to decipher food labels so they aren’t so confusing (and misleading!).  Understanding what’s in your food will help you eat better. As well, you'll learn some different ways to save money at the grocery store (who doesn't like saving money?). We dive into talking about grains and fibre, especially the importance of fibre and how to increase your intake so you feel healthier.  By the end of the week you will be preparing a soup, wrap or a pasta primavera which all help increase your daily fibre. 


Taking a little bit of time each week to get organized is the best thing you can do to establish great cooking habits.  In this session you'll learn how to plan your weekly meals so you can save money, save time, eat better and eat less take-out.  By the end of the session you will be cooking up delicious Veggie Chilli, Quiche or Easy Curry Chicken. You'll be on the road toward establishing a healthy happy kitchen!

What they are saying:

“Excellent teacher is key to the enjoyment. Barb was excellent, knowledgeable and a good teacher”

"The course was very enjoyable and everything discussed was very relatable. I liked the weekly challenges, they gave me more encouragement"

"The Course created the awareness with regards to cooking and health eating"

" The Cooking Reboot Program is an inspiring series of cooking classes"


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Barb Kemp
Barb Kemp
Food Educator & Principal at Recipes to the Rescue
I’m Barb Kemp, creator of Cooking Reboot.  I’m a food educator with over 15 years of experience, and an enthusiastic home cook.  I get very excited talking and teaching about all things food, healthy eating and cooking.  My hope is, through this course, you too will find the joy of real food and be inspired to join the tribe of life-long healthy and happy home cooks.  

My love of food and cooking began in my twenties when I discovered my cholesterol level was very high.  It was so high I was advised to become vegetarian.  The problem was I liked meat and potatoes and didn’t really know how to cook.  I was young and ate whatever I wanted, including takeout foods filled with addictive sugar, salt, and fat.  Embracing the challenge, I learned to cook with veggies and whole grains and discovered a positive lifestyle change.

Later, when I became a mom, one of our children developed a dairy allergy and all meals had to be made from scratch. I struggled at first, but once again welcomed the change and learned to menu plan and cook dairy-free. 

Eventually, I switched careers and started teaching and writing about the importance of home cooking and meal planning with healthy whole foods. 

Today, many home cooks lack food knowledge and confidence in the kitchen, as I once did. In some ways, the need to cook is declining, as prepared food is everywhere. Yet for many of us there’s a real desire to cook nourishing meals at home.

That’s why I created the Cooking Reboot online course.  It’s enjoyable and relatable for the everyday home cook and teaches habits and skills that can easily become part of a healthy lifestyle. Learning the marvels of menu planning and gaining the confidence to cook saved me and my family…and it can save yours too.

Join me and together we’ll bring magic into your home kitchen.

For more information visit our website Recipes To The Rescue

If you have any questions, please contact Barb at