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Learn How To Make Healthy Food and Home Cooking A Bigger Part Of Your Lifestyle | taught by Barb Kemp

Course description

Discover how easy it is to make healthy home cooking a bigger part of your lifestyle.  

So many of us would love to cook more at home. However, it's often a low priority in our hectic lives. It takes time which is in short supply these days. Many of us are overwhelmed and find it stressful to plan, shop for, and carry out healthy meal prep ideas. And many lack the confidence to cook.

Gaining the knowledge on how to cook healthy meals will give you the confidence to cook healthy, yummy meals for family and friends.

I’m Barb Kemp, a food educator and self taught home cook who's been delivering healthy eating and cooking programs for over 15 years.  What I’ve found is that everyday home cooks all struggle with the same things. They:

  • don't have time to cook at home, but wish they did.
  • have a desire to cook healthy meals, but don't know how.
  • wish to be more organized with meal planning and eliminate that looming question, "what am I going to cook for dinner?"
  • want to feed their family healthy meals but lack inspiration!
  • wish to meal plan and stop wasting food (and money).
  • wish to simply meal prep and stop eating take-out.
  • wish to gain confidence with cooking basics to make home cooking a bigger part of their lifestyle.

It's why I created this course.

I wanted to develop a course that was enjoyable and relatable to the everyday cook. To teach healthy eating & cooking habits that are simple to implement. 

At the end of the course you'll confidently prepare tasty, healthy meals for your family and friends, and of course, have fun in the kitchen.

At the end of the course you will:

  • prepare yummy, healthy meals for family and friends with pride.
  • create a well-balanced diet for your family.
  • prepare weekly meal plans that match your lifestyle. 
  • eat less take-out and processed foods.
  • serve meals full of variety that your family want to eat.
  • choose the healthiest foods at the grocery store.
  • save time and effort in the kitchen with meal prep.
  • save money on groceries and waste less food. 
  • reduce the stress of home cooking. 
  • feel inspired to establish a happy, healthy kitchen.
 This course is not for those on specialized diets.

How It Works

It's expected that you complete one session each week.  We want you to savour the course and practice cooking in-between sessions. We'll support you with bi-weekly emails and you'll have access to the instructor.

Course details are as follows:
  • 4 weekly sessions
  • 32 educational & skills-based videos
  • Weekly challenges to support you
  • Weekly workbooks with recipes
  • Bi-weekly email support and access to instructor
  • Over 25 simple tasty recipes
  • Menu plan and shopping list template
  • 5 day completed menu plan with recipes and shopping list
  • Recipe booklet from all workbooks
  • Subscription to the Recipes To The Rescue Newsletter
  • Money-Back Guarantee, if you aren't satisfied after 2 weeks

Course Sessions

Session One

The program kicks off by setting you up for success.  In this session you'll come away convinced that food matters and become inspired to cook more at home.  We'll show you how to chop onions and garlic and show you how to make a Tomato Meat Sauce Recipe.                                                              

Session Two

In the second session we'll explore food.  You'll understand the importance of eating real food and discover ways to include more fruits and veggies in your diet.  By the end of the week you will be whipping up delicious salads and whizzing up tasty smoothies.

Session Three

In this session we ask the question, "Do you really know what's in your food?"  You'll learn to decipher food labels so they aren't so confusing.  Understanding what's in your food will help you eat better.  As well, you learn some different ways to save money at the grocery store (who doesn't like saving money?).  We dive into talking about grains and fibre, especially the importance of fibre and how to increase your intake so you can feel healthier.  By the end of the week you will be preparing a soup, a wrap or a pasta primavera which all help increase your daily fibre.

Session Four

Taking a little bit of time each week to get organized is the best thing you can do to establish great cooking habits.  In this session you'll learn how to plan your weekly meals so you can save money, save time, eat better and eat less take-out. By the end of the session you will be enjoying yourself in the kitchen cooking up delicious Veggie Chili, Quiche or Easy Curry Chicken.  You'll be on the road towards establishing a healthy happy kitchen.  

If you have any other question check out our Frequently Asked Questions here.

What they are saying:

“Excellent teacher is key to the enjoyment. Barb was excellent, knowledgeable and a good teacher”

"The course was very enjoyable and everything discussed was very relatable. I liked the weekly challenges, they gave me more encouragement"

"The Course created the awareness with regards to cooking and health eating"

" The Cooking Reboot Program is an inspiring series of cooking classes"

"I have know Barb for many years.  I have always been impressed and inspired by her passion, not only for food but for sharing her knowledge!  This latest endeavour is proof of how Barb continues to make healthy eating accessible and delicious." 

- Barbara Allan, RD, CDE, Author of "The Diabetes Prevention & Management Cookbook."

Barb Kemp
Barb Kemp
Food Educator
Hello and Welcome!  I’m Barb Kemp, a passionate home cook and creator of Cooking Reboot.  I’m a food educator with over 15 years of experience. I get very excited talking and teaching about all things food, healthy eating and cooking.  My hope is, through this course, you too will get hooked on real food and home cooking.  

My love of food and cooking began in my twenties when I was advised to become vegetarian for health reasons.  The problem was I liked meat and potatoes and didn’t really know how to cook.  I ate whatever I wanted, including takeout foods filled with sugar, salt, and fat.  Embracing the challenge, I learned to cook,  Then I started to add more veggies and whole grains into my diet and I discovered a whole new positive lifestyle change.

Later, when I became a mom, one of our children developed a food allergy and all meals had to be made from scratch. I struggled at first, but once again welcomed the change and learned to menu plan.  It was a game changer.

Eventually, I switched careers and started writing and teaching about home cooking, meal planning and fresh whole foods. 

Today, many home cooks lack food knowledge and confidence in the kitchen, just as I once did. In some ways, the need to cook is declining, as prepared food is everywhere. Yet for many of us there’s a  desire to cook nourishing meals at home.

That’s why I write the Recipes To The Rescue Blog, Newsletter and created the Cooking Reboot online courses.  They're enjoyable and relatable for the everyday home cook and teach habits and skills that can easily become part of a healthy lifestyle. Learning the magic of menu planning and gaining the confidence to cook saved me and my family…and it can save yours too.

Join me and together we’ll bring joy into your home kitchen.

If you have any questions, please contact Barb at

Program Curriculum

Hello & Welcome
How To Use This Course
Basic Cooking Equipment You Need
What are your healthy eating and cooking goals?
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1. Let's Get Started
Session One Overview
Workbook Session One
1.1 Welcome To The Course FREE PREVIEW
1.2 Course Outline - Does Food Matter?
Benefits To Eating Well
1.3 Why Food Matters
1.4 Onions & How To Chop
1.5 Garlic & How To Chop
1.6 How To Make A Tomato Meat Sauce (part 1)
1.7 How To Make A Tomato Meat Sauce (part 2)
1.8 Weekly Challenges And How To Meal Plan
5 Day Menu Planning Template
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2. Good Health, Fruits & Veggies
Session Two Overview
Workbook Session Two
Set Your Fruit And Vegetable Goals
2.1 The Blueprint of Good Health & How To Make A Fruit Smoothie
2.2 Fruits and Veggies FREE PREVIEW
2.3 Salads: How to Make A Salad Dressing & A Greek Salad
2.4 How To Increase Fruits And Veggies
2.5 Tips On Meal Plannning
2.6 Weekly Cooking Challenges
5 Day Menu Planning Template
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3. Grains, Fibre And Food Labels
Session Three Overview
Workbook Session Three
3.1 Exciting Fennel
3.2 Welcome! Let's Talk Grains FREE PREVIEW
3.3 Beans
3.4 Lentil Curry Soup Video
3.5 Fibre and How To Make Hummus
3.6 Reading Food Labels: Ingredient List and Nutrition Facts Table
3.7 Best Before Dates FREE PREVIEW
3.8 How To Save Money On Your Grocery Bill
3.9 Tips on Meal Planning
4.0 Wrap Up
5 Day Menu Planning Template
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4. How to Menu Plan & Healthy Meal Prep Ideas
Session Four Overview
Workbook Session 4
4.1 How To Get Organized to Cook
4.2 How to Menu Plan
4.3 Meat, Dairy & Alternatives
4.4 Herbs and Spices
4.5 Wrap up!
4.6 Five Day Menu Planning Template
4.7 Seven Day Menu Planning Template
4.8 Shopping List
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Menu Planning Bonus
5 Day Menu Plan with Recipes!
5 Day Menu Plan
Recipe Booklet
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